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Quick update…

I haven’t been writing as much as I should, but I’m having too much SL fun atm… So what’s happening with us these days, you might ask?

Goodnight stopped DJ’ing and hosting, but is still very supportive! And who knows, one day she might do an impromptu set at our place at a party? *nudge nudge* 🙂

I had to say goodbye to a couple of clubs: Smokey’s and Replugged / Cliffbreakers closed their doors. Always sad to see fun places close down, but “c’est la vie dans SL” I suppose. I was welcomed as a DJ at Eagles Pass Hangout, where I do my wednesday set these days.

Further, there have been a few events at the Underground Garage that I attended: the Rolling Stones concert had me working the lights and The Beatles Rooftop concert had me breaking the bank for Blues for Autism!

Oh yes, I’ve been Drag Racing too… check out the article on The Torch!

Talk to ya soon, when we meet on the grid!


Comments on: "Quick update…" (1)

  1. Yes, both Cliffbreakers/Replugged and Smokey’s will be greatly missed.

    And thanks for the article about your racing experience, it was great!

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